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How to Become the Go-To Person

Go-to person

Just a year ago, a friend of mine knew nothing about social media a year ago. She didn't even have a Facebook page. One day, she woke up and decided she would immerse herself in learning about it during her off hours. She went to workshops and participated in webinars. About a month ago,  she volunteered to help her company market its products through Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. 

Suddenly, she's the go-to person at her company for all things social media. Her boss is in her office all the time asking for her help. She's made herself valuable.

That's how you become a go-to person!

The go-to person in the workplace is THAT guy or THAT girl who everyone needs to consult because that individual is great at one thing and that thing is something that everyone else needs to know about. It's one of the best ways to climb the corporate ladder, attract a new customer or get a raise.

Becoming a go-to person can be tricky. It may mean messing a bit with your work life balance. By that, I'm saying you might need to say yes to something you might otherwise have rejected.

Just last week, I went to an event where a female executive spoke about how she rose up the ranks in her investment banking firm. She said her ascenion started when she volunteered for a committee no one else wanted to join. While on the committee, she picked up certain financial skills that others at her company lacked. Suddenly, she was the go-to person for specific information and managers started looking at her differently, with more respect.

I've discovered another way to become a go-to person. This one requires a time commitment as well.

Try studying up on market trends and how they affect your industry. For example, how is technology going to affect dentistry, nursing, education? Go to  workshops, read the magazines, know your stuff so others need to rely on you for lessons or information.

If you're like me, you're already juggling way to many time demands, you might dismiss the notion of becoming a go to person. If you want to advance, that's not a good idea. Askmen.com has some more suggestions for becoming a go-to person.

What traits or characteristics do you think makes someone a go-to person? Do you think a go-to person also needs to be a self-promoter?