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No statute of limitations on stupid

So I was on Miami's CBS affiliate this morning talking about what's happenin' in the world...and the blogosphere, and one of the topics we hit on was the recent controversy over TV chef Rachel Ray and the Dunkin' Donuts ad featuring her that was yanked off the air. We also talked about the Associated Press considering a crackdown on bloggers using AP content without paying for it or crediting the AP. I said I thought the AP should make a distinction between people blogging as a hobby and people blogging as journalists. Not that journalists are better bloggers (just the opposite, I'd argue 'cause we have restraints). But if the AP can't distinguish between the two sides they can't treat the hobbyist as though he's attempting to profit off their work.

But that's another post. Click the link and watch the video if you want, but for now let's talk Rachel Ray's donut fashion.

If you're not familiar with the story, Ray was in an ad wearing this scarf.Ray_scarf_3

Shortly after the ad began airing though, a blogger wrote that Ray's scarf was too much like something he would wear.Bin_lad

Political blogger Michelle Malkin followed up on the original blog, and described Ray's scarf as "jihad chic."

Here's the problem though: I don't believe bin Laden and friends are that into frilly fabrics and designer patterns, 'cause while Ray's scarf was lined with fringes, it's made of silk and the pattern on it doesn't translate to Death to America or anything like that. The pattern is paisley - you know, that kidney bean and amoeba-shaped crap we all used to wear too much of (especially on our neckties...and scarves) in the 1980s and early '90s.

My pops used to say from the pulpit all the time that there is a fine line between faith and foolishness. Taking religion out of the equation, there's also a fine line between patriotic vigilance and paranoia.

This hubbub over a donut and coffee shill's scarf is paranoia, my friends.

Anyway, if we don't want to advertise and publicize images of things terrorists and terrorist sympathizers "MIGHT" wear, then we should probably kill all those GAP ads, 'cause from what I've seen, this guy wears tons of khaki.Ahmadinejad


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Terrific interview and I absolutely agree with all of your points!

I wouldn't have pulled the ad for what she was wearing as she's always cute and perky (and annoying) and running on wayyyy toooo much coffee, and it really is just a scarf for crying out loud. But OMG, let's just see less of her in general. Hub luvs him some RR but I don't quite get it. And now she's being blogged about??

The Sarcasticynic

Think we can get her to wear a burkha?


I knew it. The Gap is evil!

Alright, I kid. I heard about this controversy and just rolled my eyes. I don't really fault Michelle Malkin because she's just pandering to those who justify her paycheck but I do wonder about the people who fell for it... don't most folks have better things to do?

Jeni Hill Ertmer

Your title to this post -especially the use of the word "stupid" -really says it all with respect to my feelings about RR and the scarf! Ridiculous, isn't it?
And the AP thing -holy rip! Who got their shorts all in a bunch, looking for extra ways to haul in cash or something -really absurd! Does that even rule out linking on a blog post to an AP story too? Just wondering. Also, very confused by it all too!


so now you're a TV star as well? i don't think i'm hip enough to hang with you and all the cool kids anymore!

= : - )

the AP is taking lessons from the record companies. not our fault their business model has failed.


If anything Rachel's scarf is much more like the kind worn by Palestinians/Arabs, eg: the late Yasser Arafat.

High time people started getting their facts straight!

& as for APs idea. You mean they aren't making big enough profits already?

form factor

Malkin appears to have read too much into Ray's scarf fashion. On the other hand, she's not totally out of whack, either. If the wikipedia entry on "kaffiyeh" is to be believed then she has some ground(s) for criticizing this particular fashion form. Whatever the case may be I think what everyone can agree on is that Rachel Ray is annoying.


But JB, if we start looking at all like 'them' it might occur to some of us that 'they' are human! We can't have that! We have to keep Americans afraid of all Muslim people everywhere (even in their Rachel Ray disguise) or the terrorists win!

John Longfellow aka lou dobbs

Hey james, shoot me a "test" email at clinker34@aol.com. I want to send you something that you will find surprising.

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