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Billy will never look the same to me again.

As I sit in my Bat Cave stringing letters together to make words for work, I'm feeling nostalgic.

It could be the increasing rain and gloomy skies we're catching down here in Miami from Tropical Storm Fay's outer edges. Rain makes me reminisce. Whatever the reason, I've been craving '80s music like ice cream today.

Specifically, I wanted to hear some Billy Ocean. Go ahead, laugh. But I developed a spiritual bond with Billy back in high school when a couple of cruel buddies who thought they were funny - I suppose they were, just a little - used to tell me and anyone else who would listen that I looked like Ocean's even skinnier clone.

My favorite Billy Ocean song has always been Get Out of My Dreams (Get Into My Car), 'cause the guy can sing his butt off. Never mind, the sheer corniness of the lyrics and the suggestive kidnapperish song title.

But until today I have never seen the music video for that song. I took a break from my work-related scribbling a few minutes ago to look the song up online and satisfy my nostalgia. The first link that came up for me was the music video on YouTube.

I thought it was a fallin'-in-love song. But in the first minute of the video it becomes apparent that Billy's singing to a hooker who is hanging around in front of a car wash and pretending to be a car wash employee.

A car wash, Billy? Really? Tsk, tsk.

I have time to find a couple more old tunes before I start writing again. I think I'll go with some Run D.M.C. and a little Rick Astley.


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It's the olympics.

You are feeling nostalgic because of solidly associated memories triggered by viewing of the olympic games of the 80's I'd bet money on it.

I wrote a post about it this week.


And all this time I thought the last post and this post were because you were just groovin' on some music. I didn't realize that the Olympics were involved. Makes me nostalgic for the Hartman twins, but that was 1962, and we won't discuss that here.

DJ Black Adam

You will have no trouble finding Rick Astley (he is everywhere on You-Tube), I did look up RUN DMC's Rock Box the other day myself...

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