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Holy Pepperoni!

You don't have to be religious to ponder this one: On my Facebook "Wall," where friends can write notes, etc., one friend just announced that he'd joined the fan club for pizza. That's right, pizza, the round pie with cheese, pepperoni, etc. The club as of his joining this morning had 318,904 fans.

Minutes later, another friend announced that he'd joined the fan club for Jesus. I'm not trying to get struck by lightning, so I swear there's no punchline to this...other than the fact that Jesus only had 108,724 fans.

Pizza is loved by more Webheads than Jesus?!?!?!

As a purely non-scientific experiment I'd be curious to know how pizza stacks up to other deities with fan clubs on Facebook.


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Make mine sausage, mushroom, onion, with extra cheese. Thin crust please with a 23 oz. Michelob Golden Draft beer. I will leave a generous tip.


I don't know how high pizza is on the list, but I do know that Oreo Cookies has a HUGE number of people on it's fan page. Heck, I almost joined myself, but I prefer chocolate chip cookies.


I find pizza extremely accessable. Also Oreo cookies.


Jesus may be the son of man, and all...but pizza reigns supreme! LOL



Say It

Pizza is god. I mean good. :)

The Sarcasticynic

Pizza is loved by more Webheads than Jesus? No, I think that most who love Jesus do so in ways that don't involve "fan clubs."


just wait until His face shows up on a pizza...or even His moms.

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