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There's always a first time

In the brief history of this blog, I have never once dusted off "Surprisingly sensible celebrities" from my list of categories.

I haven't had much cause to. But I believe in credit where it's due. And since I'm always quick to pull the "Stupid celebrity tricks" category, I should be equally quick to use the "Surprisingly sensible celebrities" category...when there's a reason.

So now I have a reason!

I know there are well-behaved celebs out there who don't take their fortune for granted. And if I'd put more thought into it before today I probably would have christened the "Surprisingly sensible celebs" category on actor/rocker Gary Sinise for his work supporting American troops abroad.

But remember it's not always the big things that are the best example of a kind heart and a good spirit and temperament.

So here's the surprisingly sensible celebrity story: There's a video floating around the Web of Beyonce Knowles's younger sister Solange performing on an outdoor stage at the Stone Soul Picnic in D.C. If you don't know Solange is a singer too, and if you like old-style R&B, then she's good.

Anyway, have you ever been to a concert and seen a celebrity accosted on stage by a fan who made it past security? I have. And that fan got dragged like he'd just been booted off the Gong Show, tackled, flattened, and pounded the way Brett Favre will be if and when he ever faces the Green Bay Packers on the field. Meanwhile the performer stood by giving the poundee a look like "That's what you get for interrupting my show." I mean, am I wrong for assuming that's what most celeb singers - whether A-list or B-list, or C-list, or whatever - would do under similar circumstances?

So when a guy runs on stage and starts cavorting around Solange's backup dancers, what do you think she does - call for the beat-down squad? Nope. She keeps singing, and smiles at the guy, probably recognizing that he was mentally disabled. And when the apparently sleeping security finally come on stage and try to drag the guy off, Solange tells 'em to back off 'cause the guy isn't hurting anyone. She even dances with him for a sec, and at the end tells the crowd his name and asks for a round of applause for him!

For that Solange gets the inaugural "Surprisingly sensible celebrity" tag from Burnettiquette. Again, it's not a huge deal, but it's a very cool act of kindness on her part.

Here's the video. The scene I described starts at the 3:23 mark.


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You're absolutely right; it's no big deal.


He wasn't gonna hurt anyone. He didn't run up on stage and run after the girls, he just started dancing.

Did they arrest him after they all got off stage though??

James B.

Yabba, um, OK.

Jay, I agree. It was clear he wasn't gonna hurt anyone. But I've seen celebs have people smacked around for violating their space before. That's why I thought it was so cool how she sort of rolled with it and embraced the guy. Good question about the arrest. The smackdown probably came after he got off stage, LOL. I'm kidding. I hope that didn't happen.

Say It

she didn't even pause, just kept going. Wow. I can't be interupted while rattling off the morning to-do list without having to start over. As to arrest? I'm sure there were no charges if she wasn't going to press them. But you have to think about the back up girls too. They didn't break either, they just kept going without issue to.


I didn't know Beyonce had a sister. She's great! And I loved what she did. It's always especially refreshing when celebrities practice kindness.

The Sarcasticynic

James, would you recommend that every artist allow a stranger or strangers to mount the stage and cavort with the backup singers?


I wouldn't kick her out of bed. And from her laid back attitude, I'm guessing it'd take a few minutes for her to kick ME out of her bed!

The Sarcasticynic

Isn't that all you need M@? a few minutes?


No harm done. She handled it perfectly and let everyone continue having fun. Bravo.


I just love the positive. It's so refreshingly different.


I forget the team, but I remember seeing a couple of alcoholics rush the first base umpire. The players creamed them, and rightly so. I have seen fans run across baseball fields, and most of them are harmless. The baseball players sometimes look amused, sometimes concerned. I don't recall ever seeing this happen with a football team. I mean, who would be stupid enough? Wait. Oh. Yeah.


Oh, that was so sweet!! I can't blame him for wanting to go up and dance and he was totally respectful. I do think it's a safety issue with some fans, but this was clearly different.


perhaps she sensed that he was not a threat.

But in today's world we have celebrities getting their heads shot off when they answer doors...etc.

So, I can't blame them when someone violates their space.

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