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Friday Roundup

What's crackin' friends? Another business week draws to an end, and I couldn't be happier.

No fanfare here, just our usual list of musings. Please weigh in.

  • Murder - Another tragic case of a kid killing another kid unfolded in South Florida this week. Apparently one teenage girl had a crush on another teenage girl but was rejected. The reject brought a gun to school and shot the object of her admiration. The shame of all this is the murder will be politicized in a matter of days. I give till early next week before someone tries to use this as a call for gun control or better school security (the school has metal detectors, but they were apparently turned off and unmanned the day of the killing). Instead - in my humble opinion - there needs to be a greater effort to groom kids at home so that their brains are wired in such a way that shooting someone for not dating you would never cross their minds. Seriously, if I shot every girl who rejected me in my middle and high school years, I'd be a serial killer. Two lives tossed. Damn shame.
  • Random Movie Crap - Finally got around to watching Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer last night, 'cause I wasn't willing to pay for it in theaters. And I'm still puzzled about a few things. Is it really necessary for that fiery dude to yell "flame on!" before he sparks up and flies away? I mean, if he doesn't say that will he not ignite? What if he had a slip of the tongue and shoulted "fame on?" Would it work then? Or is yelling "flame on" like yelling "four" on a golf course - only meant to be an advanced warning that a flaming super hero will be passing by shortly? Also, not to be pervy, but Ben Grimm is made of stone. How do he and his girlfriend have a love life, since she's made of meat and skin like the rest of us? And what about "relief" - do kidney stones even matter to him? Just curious. I know, too much time on my hands last night.
  • A Fair Question in Politics - Question number 20 on the extensive job application-questionnaire for positions in President-elect Barack Obama's administration asks applicants to "please provide the names and details of any individuals and organizations with which you or your spouse have been associated with which (sic) might present a conflict of interest with your proposed federal office or have the potential for embarrassment." So whether your a fan of the president-elect or not, do you think this question could keep him from getting a job in his own administration, 'cause of past affiliations that "have the potential for embarrassment?" Don't get mad. Just askin'.
  • Weird - For some reason I find this tidbit odd. If you don't have time to follow the link it's about a study Folio did on an annual lifestyle magazines survey. One of the results of the study was that the average age of readers of Seventeen magazine is 27. Hmmm. And the average age of Teen Vogue readers is 25.8. Could explain the number of clueless adults - albeit younger adults - still trying to dress like they haven't finished high school.
  • Disturbing - With this news that obese kids have the arteries of 45-year-olds, I wonder if all those "funny" ad campaigns aimed at scaring kids away from cigarettes haven't been misdirected. Instead of only spending that money criticizing cartoon characters like Joe Camel for subconsciously urging kids to suck smoke into their lungs, maybe some of those ads should be criticizing Donald CrackRonald for using his kiddie attractions to get kids to suck fatty foods down their throats.
  • The Body of Christ - If this guy really does believe literalistic teachings about church communion, then he's a cannibal.


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Kid on kid crime - where did she get the gun? If she got it from home, the parents should be charged with manslaughter. Maybe even if she didn't.

Fantastic Four 2 really sucked.

I think in today's day and age, the question about relationships with "conflict of interest" should definitely prevent someone from being hired to a certain office. I think the "potential embarrassment" question is also fair but shouldn't limit your hire. For example, escort companies are completely legal if they aren't really a cover for a prostitution ring.

If approached by a reporter the Employer could be asked were you aware your employee worked in the past with an escort service? Employer forearmed with the information because of proper vetting can say, yes and we find nothing wrong with that yada yada yada.

The other 3 .. meh


Murder. heartbreaking
Random Movie Crap. Random and movie were superfluous.
A Fair Question? Do as I say, not as I do?
Weird. Kids grow up to fast. Then they want to be kids again.
Disturbing. Parents need to feed healthy at home.
The Body of Christ. If you feed the "least of these" my brethen.... just saying maybe he was just hungry. but he really should have asked.

Say It

I agree with you about rewiring kids. Haven't seen fantastic four, didn't plan on it. Maybe to question refers to how much spin is going to be needed in the hiring of said applicants.

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