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Kanye West has been cured!

And all it took was a cartoon.

I'm not a celebrity hater. But I do believe some of them are not familiar with the philosophy: to whom much is given much is required.

About those who've forgotten, I ask: how often have you seen an insanely egotistical celebrity act out in public so much that they make you wanna hate them, in spite of their talent?

Say, all the time?

How often do you see such a person called out for his behavior?

Not often enough.

So it was frickin' hilarious last night when South Park went after rapper/producer/fashionisto Kanye West with a punchline involving West not getting a nationally popular joke about a gay fish. At the end of the episode, West "sees the light," ackowledges that he actually is a gay fish and not human. The episode closes with West rapping like Sponge Bob on the ocean floor and making out with a male fish that he finds sexy.

If none of this sounds funny to you, the back story is that in recent months, as he's added fashion designer and fashionisto to his repertoire, West and his entourage have dressed in public a number of times like a bunch of dandies.

Dandy isn't a gay bash. I've been called dandy. But I've been called dandy the way Bertie Wooster was called dandy: for wearing pocket squares with my neck ties, or wearing brightly colored socks with a bow tie.

West and his crew have dressed in a manner that would fairly be called feminine: Think Steven Tyler meets Steve Urkel meets Pete Burns meets Alex Vanderpool.

Anyway, some not so bashful fashion critics have said that rather than being innovative in their dress, West and his crew appear to be trying too hard to mimic how they think gay men dress.

The result has been repeated and increasingly angry denials on West's part that he's gay.

Of course, his denials have just fueled critics to take even more digs at him. Most of those digs have had nothing to do with West's sexual orientation though. Most have been about his incredibly huge ego and occasional rash of hoof-in-mouth disease.

So all that leads to question number three: How often have you heard of an egotistical celebrity getting his comeuppance and expressing humility from it?

Can't speak for you. But my answer is never!

Until now.

Following last night's South Park, West was so humbled that he took to his blog and said the episode hurt his feelings but was funny and was something he deserved. Surprisingly, he even has a YouTube copy in his blog post of the "Gay Fish" music video "he" made in the South Park episode last night. He went on to insist that he's making a genuine effort to subdue the ego. He apologized for having spent so much time talking publicly about how great he thinks he is, and said he plans to let his music speak for itself and the public decide for itself.

Maybe there's hope for Hollywood yet!


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Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I gotta say, I busted a guy laughing during South Park when it was revealed that Kanye West was the one person who didn't get the joke.

But for him to acknowledge it is kinda cool.

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