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The Transformation is Complete: I ♥ hippies.

I've been ragging on hippies my entire adult life.

I can't remember how or why it started. Maybe the bully in me was just struggling to find a way out.

I was never Eric Cartman-like in my hippie bashing, but I came close. Even so, I've always had a few faithful hippie-ish friends.

But then a hippie-ish friend, tired of listening to me complain about my seemingly constant sinus problems, encouraged me to buy a neti pot. I always laughed him off, though and insisted I'd stick with medicine. I even vaguely recall my mother pouring stuff up my nose when I was a frail, allergy-stricken kid.

Meds haven't worked for me though. So this weekend, while sporting a 102 fever, an extreme sinus headache, and nasal congestion that was tough enough to dam a river, I caved in and went in search of a neti pot.

Found one at Walgreens for $15. Sat for about two hours trying to convince myself that it was perfectly normal to pour salt water into one nostril and watch it run out the other nostril. Eventually got up the nerve to try it. And waddayaknow? Not only didn't it hurt, but my sinus headache went away almost instantly, and the congestion was gone within hours.

I'm not writing off doctors anytime soon. But I will now listen more closely when the hippies I know tell me that something is good for my health.


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Man if this works for me I'll sing your praises far and wide.

James B.

WavemanCali, I am all about the neti pot now. Seriously. If you too have sinus issues, you must try it. It's an awkward feeling at first, but there's no pain. It's just the sensation of pressure as the water containing a saline solution begins to run through your nasal passages. We're talking 8 oz. of water - like a minute's worth of pouring. And then you switch sides and pour through the other nostril.

I wasn't even convinced when I saw Oprah's favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, talking about it. Now that I've tried it though? I'm ready to wrap flowers around my head and dance barefoot in my backyard to Deadhead tunes.


I'm going to check the CVS pharmacy by my house on the way home. My sinuses have been hell for the last few weeks and really a constant issue all around.

I'll go rent a VW Bus and scout out locations for the commune if this makes me feel better.

Karmyn R

This made me laugh - because I had the EXACT same reaction the first time I heard of it....and when I did put it to use was amazed at how well it worked. No, sometimes those hippies are not so crazy after all.

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