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Careful what your family does; it might get YOU fired.

I hate straightforward titles, 'cause they take the surprise out of the following blog post, like this ethical doozy:

The town manager of Fort Myers Beach, Florida, was hired in March 2008, because the Fort Myers Beach Town Council believed he was a good government administrator, based on his past performance as an administrator in other Florida communities and his vision for the management and future of Fort Myers Beach.

Good reasons to hire a man, no?

Earlier this week, that same town council voted  5 - 0 to dismiss Scott Janke "without cause" - the council's words, not mine - because they believe Janke's wife's job gives the wrong impression of what Fort Myers Beach is all about.

Anabela Mota Janke, AKA Jazella Moore, is a porn star. And the Fort Myers Beach council believes she gives the town a bad name.

Every time I write about porn and the like on this blog, it's inevitable that a few of you scold me for being a prude and for trying to legislate adult behavior.

And every time, I have to reiterate that your'e wrong, and I don't care what consenting adults do.

You wanna make porn or view it, or change your name to Buck Nekkid, or Golden Globes, go ahead. Ultimately, we're all responsible for our own actions and activities, and that's that.

But this isn't about the morality (or lack thereof) of the porn industry.

This is about a guy losing his job, 'cause his wife's job made elected politicians blush.

If you can be fired for what your spouse does for a living, what's next - fired for what your adult children do for a living, or for what your parents do for a living?

Don't laugh. What are you going to do when your boss tells you your 21-year-old coke dealer son's face was plastered across the front page of the local paper, and because of that he's going to have to demote you, because your "family" problems might make clients uncomfortable.

I'll tell you what you won't do. You won't shake your boss's hand and say "No problem, sir. This is a privately owned business, and you can do what you want with it!"

No, you're going to protest, insist to your boss that the demotion isn't fair, that your job performance has been stellar, and that you shouldn't suffer 'cause your kid is a criminal.

So even if you don't like porn - and mom, if you're reading this post I'm not quitting my job to become a porn industry lobbyist; I'm just playing Devil's advocate - consider how you'd feel if an adult relative's activities were weighed in your abilities to do your job.

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did it really take them over a year to find out, and how did they find out? doing a bit of "research" and thinking "hmmm...where have i seen her before?"

the sarcasticynic

Finally! The REAL reason that Hillar-Rod was not gonna make it to become the Prez.


This makes me see red. What were they thinking?


Several questions:

* If my spouse were a porn star I doubt that I would run for public office -- the embarrassment would be too much for me. And you know it's gonna come out sometime, right? No pun intended...

* Is it legal to fire someone for this? After all, it is a legitimate profession, isn't it?

* However, the porn industry is pretty sleazy, according to TV dramas -- I have no personal knowledge of the industry. But wouldn't you have had to at least fill out an application and have a background check to run for public office?

* Or, if the spouse is involved in an underground film production, has she been arrested? Or is it a prosecutable situation?

* Is it just me or is everyone in politics pretty sleazy???????????

class factotum

Don't you remember when you were a kid on a military base and if you got caught by the MPs doing something, they didn't call your dad but your dad's boss?


That is wrong. In my view, the nature of an employee's relative's work is irrelevant, and one should be judged solely on the basis of his or her own job performance.

the sarcasticynic

What kind of man would marry a PORN star?? How can we expect such a man who would marry a PORN star to manage our city?

- Fort Myers Beach resident

class factotum

Heart, but would you hire someone married to a porn actress/actor? Or a drug dealer? Doesn't a person's decision to marry someone like that show something about his judgment?

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