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Here's how you know that Michael Jackson coverage has peaked...

When a television network does a feature on whether or not Bubbles the Chimp, Jackson's old sidekick, is aware of his former owner's death, and how Bubbles even moves like Jackson.

No joke, NBC's Today Show did this, this morning. And that's all I'll say about it 'cause Bubbles lives in a retirement home in Florida. And with my luck the Miami Herald will send me there, and tomorrow you'll be reading a story in your local paper about a Miami Herald reporter getting beaten half to death by a moonwalking chimpanzee. And somehow cellphone video of the beating will find its way to YouTube. And I'll be clowned for the rest of my life.



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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

I saw on The Daily Show that Matt Lauer gave a tour of MJ's emptied out ranch..."here there used to be a large screen TV," etc. And I naively thought it couldn't get any more played out....

Tim Palmer

"getting beaten half to death by a moonwalking chimpanzee" --That's good stuff, James!

Meanwhile after four days of non-stop coverage, the clouds clear this morning and the top story on some networks is, oops, several of our top government sites (Treasury Dept, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission, Transportation Dept) have been hacked and down FOR THREE DAYS. What else happened while we were watching Usher cry?

PS Can you see about getting "moonwalking" added to the spell check dictionary on this site? That would prove how deep MJ's influence really was ;)

The Sarcasticynic

"But Tuesday morning, anyone who knew or touched Jackson ..."

Nope. Sorry. Won't go there. Just too easy, so don't ask me to.


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