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Ha ha ha ha! I shouldn't be laughing at this.

The Daily Beast has an article up right now discussing the number of advertisers who've fled Glenn Beck's Fox News Channel show recently and whether the departures hurt Beck or not, over the longterm. The hubbub was over Beck calling Pres. Obama "a racist" who "has a deep-seated hatred for white people," and then saying of the president less than two minutes later "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people."


But I digress. The headline above the story reads: "Beck Weathers Blows," as in Beck weathers the blows of protests and fleeing advertisers.

Clearly the Beast's headline writer hadn't heard of Beck Weathers. Seriously, Dr. Beck Weathers, who is actually a nice guy, made headlines in 1996 after he nearly died on a climb up Mt. Everest. He lost both hands and had his nose rebuilt Michael Jackson style. And now he's a well-respected motivational speaker.

So Beck Weathers does not blow. I won't pick on the Beast headline writer anymore. Truth is I'd have never known who Beck Weathers was if I hadn't written a story about another climber/motivational speaker a few months ago and came across Weathers while researching that story.

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I remember reading about Beck Weathers and the ill fated climb!


What kind of abject idiocy is Beck spewing? Pres. Obama is not a racist...if he were, he wouldn't have either 1)kept appointees from Bush 43 or 2)hired so many whites to fill new slots. Sheesh!

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