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Six Thoughts to settle into 2010 with: Tiger, Tequila, Arenas, Utopia, & Sand

  • TV media personalities and tabloid types have done you a disservice on the Tiger Woods "story," by reporting a dozen-plus mistresses as though that number has been confirmed as fact, when, in reality, two or three mistresses have been confirmed. The rest were "confirmed" only by the credibility challenged women who've come out of the woodwork to claim affairs with Woods. Keep in mind, these are the same media figures who now refer to Woods as a "black" athlete, although they praised him as a multicultural "CaublAsian" when they thought he was husband/father/athlete of the century. So he's solely on Team Black Folks now? Great.
  • The ignorant and sometimes dangerous antics of professional athletes across the various sports disciplines could be nearly eliminated if the National Basketball Association would pull a Pete Rose on the Washington Wizards' Gilbert Arenas & Javaris Crittenton and ban them from the league for life for bringing guns into the Wizards' arena. How stupid do you have to be to bring guns to work when your employer was forced to change its name from "Bullets" to "Wizards" to avoid the bad PR? Sure Arenas' guns were unloaded. But reportedly Crittenton's wasn't. Besides, Arenas is a numbnut. Who knows whether he just forgot to bring the ammo? The threat of no pay or Average Joe pay will cure these guys of what ails them.
  • We are not in a "post-racial" America. That is a damnable myth perpetuated by political consultants from both sides of the aisle who are planning their next election heists. That very name - "post racial" - suggests that a majority of us have become so enlightened as to not notice or give serious consideration to other people's ethnic physical characteristics. Baloney. I'm the most "post-racial" guy I know. Seriously, Bill Cosby should be breaking bread Jello Pudding Pops with me. But even I can't ignore what people look like. It would be nuts to even try. We think it's neat when we see different-colored birds at the zoo. So there's no reason pretend we don't each have some kind of unique look too. A more credible theory might be that we're approaching a "post-racist" America, in which we can acknowledge other people's ethnic physical characteristics but not judge their character by their skin color. That would be a more credible philosophy, but I have my doubts we're there yet, either.
  • News organizations everywhere should band together and make this the year we stop covering the likes of Tila Tequila in pages and on air once meant for useful information. Scratch that. I was dreaming. We're gonna have to cover her and her ilk as long as readers and viewers who shake righteously indignant fists at us in the morning continue to sneak back at night to get their gossip fill. Where information consumption is concerned, face it: You get what you want.
  • This should go without saying, but if the cast of Jersey Shore consisted of eight Puerto Rican kids who relished calling themselves a racial slur that rhymes with "hick," MTV would not have even considered airing the show.
  • Invest in silicone. You read it here first.

Gotta run. Till tomorrow, peace and hair grease.

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lex rogers

awesome, as usual james! i agree with all of it. what was it dr. king said"....a day when people are judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character..." so sad that even if we judge most celebrities using that measuring stick, they still come up so short! Keep on preaching, or i mean writing the truth!

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