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Monday Roundup: Rielle Hunter, Sweet, Sweet Detroit workers, Glenn Beck, Precious

Pleasant Monday to you, friends and frienemies.

  • We start today with GQ Magazine not getting the memo that there is actual news happening...stuff that people - even its high-end readership - care about, and instead dedicating words and pictures to Rielle Hunter, former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards' mistress. Hunter uses her space to defend her affair with Edwards, insist she didn't pursue him, blame his terminally ill soon-to-be-ex-wife for his hankering for strange, and predict that they (Hunter and Edwards) would be in love with one another forever. And she took a really weird picture for someone begging to be taken serioulsy - posing pantsless with stuffed animals and cartoon characters, including a stuffed Dora the Explorer, and Barney the Dinosaur. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground! Ahem, as a public service, I'm not including the link to the GQ article. I read it for you, so you could look up more important things on more important sites like MiamiHerald.com...You're welcome!
  • A city worker in Detroit just won a $100,000 settlement against the city, because the worker successfully argued that a co-worker's too-strong perfume made it difficult to work, focus, breathe, etc. I hate frivolous lawsuits, but I'm not so sure this one's frivolous. I have fairly heavy allergies and asthma. So I feel this woman's pain. And if she asked her supervisors to help by moving her or the perfume wearer or by asking folks to tone down their scents, and they didn't help, then bully for her. Glad she won. I've had a couple of co-workers who smelled like goat farms. It was like working with Pigpen. Made my eyes water. And damned if I couldn't focus either. I was writing things that looked like hieroglyphics I was so dazed. Kidding about that last part. But seriously, I think this suit was just fine. The city's putting up placards now, asking other workers to not wear strong, smelly stuff, so as to avoid further suits.
  • Glenn Beck is wrong about social justice having no place in church teachings. Last week the Fox News Channel commentator urged fans to leave their churches if their ministers preached "social justice," because such preaching/teaching pollutes the Gospel. The problem with Beck's argument though, is he interchanges kindness with politics. Every major religion and every Christian denomination - including Beck's Mormon religion - call on government to be fair to people. If you're athiest or agnostic or whatever, none of this means squat to you, 'cause good deeds are good deeds and bad are bad, and so on. But if you call yourself Christian, then you know - or should know - that your bible teaches that Christ fed the poor and encouraged his disciples to do so. He washed other people's feet as a demonstration of humility. He healed the blind and sick (even those without adequate health insurance). His actions were kind, and exhorted his followers to do practice similar acts. Same goes for pretty much every organized religion, and its deities, and prophets, and leaders. Beck'sproblem seems to be one of churches whose leaders try to influence government to set formal policy on social justice issues like poverty. Either way, he's wrong. A religious group can teach its parishioners to do all those kind things in the name of social justice and it can call on government or big business or both to be fair to Average Joe, without making the argument a partisan one and without arguing that individual rights be diminished.
  • There's been a lot of outrage over the past few days, since Howard Stern ranted on-air that Gabourey Sidibe, who played the title character in the film Precious, was so fat she'd never work again in Hollywood and that she should treasure her Oscar nomination now 'cause it was the only time she'd get one. In fact, Stern was downright mean in his descriptions of Sidibe. But for all the distasteful nature of his style (and that of sidekick, Robin Whatshername), Stern alluded to a very, very valid point: Obesity is a major health problem in the United States. Obesity among African Americans is at scary levels. Obesity in general costs the already overburdened medical care system billions per year. If the source of our obesity problem was a mystery, this would be a different discussion. But much of it can be attributed to people eating crap and leading sedentary lifestyles. So, Stern argued that people who tell Sidibe to stay just the way she is and tell her that she can get plenty of roles in Hollywood just the way she is, are helping keep her at a dangeroulsy unhealthy weight/size by inadvertently telling her to stay obese. I think his argument warrants consideration. Again, there's no excuse for Stern's mean descriptions of Sidibe. But what do you expect - for him to be diplomatic? And his claim that she'll never work in Hollywood again have already been proven false. She co-stars with Zoe Kravitz in Yelling to the Sky, set for release later this year. The Oscar thing? Silly. How do you predict that someone will "never" be nominated again? Who would've thought Mickey Rourke would make a comeback? But I do agree with Stern's argument about Hollywood folks doing Sidibe a disservice by telling her she's fine just as she is, physically. If they mean to tell her she's an all-around beautiful person for having a radiant smile and confidence and smarts and an awesome personality, etc., they should. But they shouldn't encourage anyone to remain obese because it seems like the nice thing to say.

So that's all for me...for this morning, anyway. I've got an article to finish.

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Jeni Hill Ertmer

I'm really tired of so much coverage being devoted to John Edwards and his illicit affair, child, treatment of his wife -you name it, the whole nine yards. I'm also really tired of hearing all and then some about Tiger Woods and his sex life. And now, I'm not jealous, nor am I a prim, proper librarian type either -just tired of those things and others along those same lines being categorized as being "news."
As to the lawsuit the Detroit worker won, I say "Kudos." Not because I have allergies or anything like that but mainly because there are some people who use cologne and its counter parts as a weapon and the aromas assault us with now fair rules of war that those who don't like strong scents can have to retaliate.
And, finally as to Howard Stern -yes he was/is ignorant and very, very rude in his comments about the young woman but -and heaven knows as much as I don't like Howard Stern, I never thought I'd find myself agreeing with some of his obscene commentaries but he is right, you know, pertaining to those urging this young lady not to change because her very existence may depend on doing that some day -and by existence, I'm not referring there to acting jobs. Rather, I am referring to the strain all that excessive weight puts on her heart as well as on her legs and back and the risks it puts on her with respect to high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes -to name just a few -even cancer at times has links to obesity as well. It can be a deterrent too if she wants to have a family someday too as often it interferes with the reproductive system.
Thanks for presenting your thoughts about these things in a way that I admired very much for your stance and for taking a stand to call attention to these things for the rest of us who tend to lean to the same type of thinking as you put forth here!


One thing about perfume is that people aren't terribly offended if told that you are allergic (and I don't know if allergic is the right word. Sometimes it is just so strong it turns the gut)
... but how do you tell people they need to clean their body -- and wash their clothes.
"Hey You! You STINK" ???

Donna Shelley

The amusing thing about Howard Stern and his moral outrage about obesity is that many of the people he holds in high regard for staying "healthfully" slim are most likely doing it with the aid of cigarettes, drugs and starvation. Obesity is bad for you and our countrymen and women need to get in better shape (including me), but I must say that I am sick of thin people thinking that their bony a--es give them the right to pass judgement on the shape and size of everyone else's behind.

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