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High School teacher acquitted in dirty dancing case

I wish this was about some teacher pretending to be Patrick Swayze in his classroom, or something.

Instead, Nathan Grigsby, a Georgia high school teacher, was on trial this week on five charges that he contributed to the delinquency of a minor by not moving quickly enough to stop a striptease-like dance routine performed by several male students in his classroom.

No one - not Grigsby, not the male students, not the students watching - denied the sexual nature of the dance routine.

At issue was how much of the routine Grigsby saw and whether he moved quickly enough to stop the dance. Prosecutors argued Grigsby saw plenty - maybe the whole dance - and that he let it continue too long before stopping it, and even condoned it by laughing and applauding along with his students. He says he didn't condone anything, and that he didn't see much 'cause he was distracted. And when he did see the dance, he stopped it.

The jury sided with Grigsby on Wednesday.

Maybe the prosecutors should've gone after the parents for allowing their kids to learn and apparently get good at stripper dance moves.

Oh wait. That wouldn't happen 'cause parents can't monitor their teenagers every second of the day.

Why didn't the teacher get at least that same consideration?

Incidentally, prosecutors are still moving forward with charges of indecency against the boys in the dance crew.

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