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Nightclub Murders - What gives?

Happy Friday, people.

I have lots to say 'bout lots of stuff, but first I need you to indulge me a bit: Talk to me about the topic of today's column.

To read the whole thing follow that link. Please do read the whole thing! But if you don't have time, here's a synopsis: Over the past 12 months there have been at least eight murders or major assaults at South Florida night spots. With one exception, all of these incidents were sparked by verbal spats - someone calling someone else a name, someone looking at someone else the wrong way and then making a snarky comment, someone flirting with someone else's signficant other, etc.

There is an element out there - usually of the elected variety - that take these incidents to be signs that nightclubs are inherently unsafe, especially if they play "angry" music.

I don't see it that way. This isn't a club issue. It's a good sense issue. Sure, nightclubs need to provide adequate security, but you can't fault clubs for ignorant people who patronize the places and then act out.

Would you fault a restaurant owner if a series of jackasses choose to frequent his place and end their evenings by turning over tables and throwing dishes on the floor?

And when you come across a neighborhood that has a crime problem, you don't blame the officials who represent that 'hood or the cops who patrol it - not if you have good sense, anyway. You blame the people committing the crime.

Anyway, follow that link if you have a moment, then come back here and weigh in.

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Its a sad situation but its one we have to face. Our culture has always been enamored with violence and using the Gun instead of intelligent debate. Look at this countries history its been a rough and violent one from 1776 until now. Revolution, Civil war, World wars, Indian wars, wars over cattle lands, and wars over neighborhoods. Every one loves a good shoot em up western bar seen or charging out of the trenches into Machine gun fire. We may have a right to bare arms but do we have to bare them against our fellow citizens. Jimmy I have a problem with the statement that "Bars and nightclubs were invented for leisure and lovin', not for killing". All my life I have always seen violence in night clubs. It can start from dancing with someone's girlfriend or spilling their drink. There will always be a fight. Its horrible that today they are quick to settle it by shooting instead of saying sorry and I forgive you! Sad state of affairs. God Bless!


Keep up the good work! I don't hang out in club scenes so my chances of my life ending there is 1 in 5 trillion. Having said that...the places I do choose to hang out are with people of the same mind. I'm livin life like it's golden.

James B.

Tony, send me a list of those clubs you've seen violence at, all your life! In case I ever do get back into the club scene I want to make sure I avoid 'em!

Seriously though, thanks for another insightful coment. It is a sad state of affairs that we have to shoot to settle disputes and can't talk it out or simply brush it off. I know it's not that simple for war, but it certainly is for club-related disagreements!

James, love the name. I agree with you 100%. Even though I was giving Tony a little grief about avoiding violent clubs, you have to know where you're hanging out. And if it's prone to violence, steer clear. When I do go out, I go to places that match my personality. And shockingly I've never been shot at or even gotten into a shoving match in a bar/club/etc. I don't hang in places that attract people who would start trouble. Although, in defense of the clubs/bars, I still don't think we can fully blame them for bad people showing up and acting out.

Donna Shelley

James, I am not sure where all the anger is coming from, but I am seeing a big increase in it. Anger is not simply confined to the club scene--it has permeated the American day to day life from the grocery store to city hall. There may be a host of reasons that anthropologists and other scientists of society might know and wish to share with us. But for my part, since the economy went into its slide, I have tried to go out of my way to be as pleasant to people as I can (I am not always!). This means employing the little things that Mom demanded of us long ago: make eye contact, take a geniune interest in a person, use "please" and "thank you," and remain polite and respectful. The world seems to be rewarding those who can move quickly and get a thousand things accomplished in a day--often at the expense of being civil. Maybe it is time we returned to rewarding common decency and condemning that behavior which seems to be based solely in a state of nature and its attendant barbarism.

James B.

Donna, I like your idea - a return to rewarding common decency. Good luck getting it implemented though, if it involves getting people to slow down and take a breath and pace themselves.

Kurt P

So Tony- there's no difference between aggressive violence and defensive?
There has always been violence in human relationships.
As a matter of fact, (you might not know this)the first recorded murder weapon was a rock.

The rise in aggressive/impolite behavior- I think is a result of the 'ME' generation raising their kids the way they wanted to be raised as.

Tony might not realize it, but there was a greater percentage of gun owners beck in the 'wild west' days than now..AND less gun violence. Probably because the kids were raised knowing the difference between self defence and outright violence. Life ment more back then than now.

Now we're adding in nightclubs which just happen to serve liquor and we amp up the ....touchieness.

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