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Cheating wife misses the point...

I wanted to just write "really" for this post and nothing else. But I wanted to write it in italics and all caps, followed by a string of question marks and exclamation points, kinda like this...REALLY?!?!?!

But I couldn't resist a classic example of missing the forest for the trees.

A Canadian woman is suing her phone service provider for consolidating her cell phone bill with her husband's TV and high speed Internet bills. Yeah, her husband. Same household, save an envelope, save a stamp, etc. And Rogers Wireless says the couple asked that their bill be consolidated for convenience.

That's what Rogers did "wrong." What the woman is saying in her suit though is that Rogers streamlining of bills inadvertently tipped her husband off to the affair she'd had with another man.

So, by her logic, Rogers is responsible for her husband saying Seeya! and leaving her after he discovered the affair.

Apparently the husband went over the itemized cell bill, noticed a bunch of lengthy calls to a strange number, called the number, and the guy who answered admitted an affair.

In court documents the wife said that after her husband left her and the kids in '07 (I hope he's keeping up the child support), her life began to suck, and she became so bummed out without her husband around that she couldn't function well or lead a comfortable life. So Rogers owes her $600,000 for indirectly tipping off her husband. She also says they caused her emotional pain by making it easy for him to find out about the affair through the bill. And that's not the way she wanted him to find out.

I'm no relationship expert, but I'm thinking that Rogers could have consolidated all this couple's household bills - including water and sewage and mortgage, and her husband wouldn't have found about the affair...IF SHE HADNT CHEATED!

That's all for me, tonight folks. Gotta keep the dog from eating Scrabble pieces as Mrs. B and I play. And then I have to go hide the cell phone bill.

It should go without saying, but I am, of course, kidding about that last line.

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some people just need to take responsibility for their own lives. hopefully her case will be thrown out


If she was that worried about keeping it a secret, she should have been in charge of paying the bills. Dunce.


She just blatantly admitted that her hubby was pretty much her meal ticket and now life sucks because she can't have her cake and eat it too. Some women behave and treat others in a way we women don't want to be treated.


Should she have custody? Sounds like she cant keep her affairs in order. Why should the children have to see their mother out on the prowl looking for a new provider. Sad story for the children.

Anthony Hopkins

I am very sorry for this because it sounds like this young man's marriage has been hell from the very beginning. I really think he should not have married this woman in the first place. I understand that opposites attract, but it does not mean they should not meet, mingle, or get married. This person would have been better off staying friends with her instead of getting married. It is both of them that were treating each other bad to begin with. Like they say, if it looks good, it does not mean it will shine in the light!!!!! Thanks for allowing me to comment and read your article.


Anthony Hopkins
Dayton, Ohio

PS: Here is my blog on Values and Norms.

Values & Norms

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If there are 10 Commandments inside of the Holy Bible, there are also laws that apply to mankind, so it is important for men, women, and children to adhere to these laws on a daily basis. I am going to admit that I am a private citizen as well as one who complies with the law on a daily basis. I am also one who adheres to the laws of the Bible on a daily basis. This is also based on reading the Bible as well as performing deeds that God and Jesus Christ wants mankind to do. This is simply by having unconditional love inside of your entire heart. There are men, women, and children who do not adhere to the laws of both the Bible and mankind. I pray for these individuals each and every day that these individuals would reform. I am prayerful and truthful by saying that anyone can change, only if they give themselves a chance.

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Anthony Hopkins

Dayton, Ohio

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