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What's worse for the neighborhood: crazy paint on a bldg, or a crumbling bldg?

What's crackin', folks?

I'm off today, continuing a day-and-a-half anniversary celebration with Mrs. B. In another post - perhpas over the weekend - I'll share how we marked five years hitched.

But here's some food for thought: My column in today's Miami Herald is about city officials in Hollywood, FL, pressuring a beachfront hotel owner to tone down the bright pink color he recently painted the place. It's a historic little boutique place, with a cool tiki bar. Jimmy Hoffa used to vacation there. Neat spot. But it's realllllllly bright now. Some neighbors and city officials have decided they hate the new color. They believe it's gawdy and takes away from the $100 million beachfront rehab effort the city has engaged in over the past few years. Some even say the bright pink building feeds the blight and decay the city's trying to combat.

Here's the catch: The city approved the color, when the hotel owner applied for a permit to paint and change the look back in December. Now the city doesn't like the color. Not only that, but some city officials are so appalled by the look of the place that they sprang into near-instant action and coralled a group of college architecture students to develop an official city color palette.

Here's the conundrum: Two miles away from this pink hotel are buildings that are visibly decaying. There are hookers painted more brightly than the hotel strolling up and down a major street, and there are residents who've been griping about both for decades. Their question and mine? Why is the city so hell-bent on "quieting" the color of the pink place, but not showing the same apparent urgency with a nearby residential area that's been dealing with worse than pink paint for decades?

Read the column here. And tell me what you think.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go enjoy my status as an official veteran of marriage.

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congrats on 5 years
regarding the column it seems to me that it's a case of the city officials changing what they can change, and leaving/ignoring what they can't change.
i say leave the pink. in a few years no-one will care that it's pink. it might even become something people want to keep pink


I remember when the backside of all Wometco Theatres(when they existed)were painted pink. I don't recall any flak coming out of that. I thought it was neat and distinctive. Leaving a building in deplorable condition is far worse than painting it a strange color.

Charity J. Harris

Congrats Uncle James to you and Aunt Jill for 5 years!!! I love you all!!! Stay blessed!!!!

Charity J. Harris

Congrats Uncle James on 5years!!!! I love you all and hope all is well!!!!!

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