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Georgia nail salon charges overweight people extra

A Georgia woman, who weighs 200-lbs-plus, went to her favorite salon the other day and got a mani/pedi and eyebrow job done.

When she checked out, she noticed she'd been charged $5 over the standard rates and asked why. The manager hinted that extra weight meant extra work for the nail handlers who have to rub on hands and feet all day. She also said people over 200-lbs tend to damage the salon chairs.

Fair policy, or unnecessary and mean-spirited?

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It is completely within the rights of the establishment to change pricing based on this.

Within your rights and smart business sense are two insanely different things however.

I'm very overweight. I'd go out of my way to go to this business to tell them to F-Off if I lived in the area.


I saw this the other day and was horrified. Yes, I agree it is the business owner's right but embarrassing your customers and alienating potential customers doesn't seem to make much sense in regard to furthering your business. Here's hoping they are charging the "average weight" person whose feet look like they have been hiking barefoot for weeks an extra $5 as well.


It is more work to massage a heavy calf... and many pedi's include that.

so if hair stylists can charge more for long hair (and many do) ... then I think a pedicurists should be able to do the same if it takes longer.


Bad business. What happens when they get a customer with a small feet. Do they reduce the charges? I bet they don't. These are insensitive and money grabbing people. Shame on them.


The fact that this is even an issue is what's is totally wrong with our current culture. Too many overweight/obese people these days- forget about getting a pedicure/manicure- please go see a nutritionist and learn how to treat yourselves better from the inside...


The marketplace is fair and so are customers. She got her refund and will take her business elsewhere. Oh yes, and she'll tell all of her friends (of all sizes) what happened and they won't go there either. That to me is the fairness of the marketplace - an owner makes rules/establishes fees and patrons agree or keep on walking.

(Good to find you again!)

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