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Burnettiquette's moving again...

Sheesh, I feel like the man without a country - in this case without a blog home.

So, if you've been loyal to this blog the past five years, you know that two years ago we moved it from Blogger to Typepad, to a platform hosted by the Miami Herald.

Well, the Miami Herald is updating and changing its blogging setup, and that means cleaning house. So Burnettiquette, along with a few other blogs that haven't been regularly updated for a long time, is on the chopping block. What can I tell you? The past six months have been full, so full I haven't had much time to blog very often (even though I've said repeatedly, "I'll start blogging again, tomorrow!").

No worries, I'm still reporting and writing columns for the Miami Herald. In fact here is my latest column. WaveManCali, I don't want to see any sniping about government interference in our daily lives. You'll see in the middle of the column I actually take your stance on that one!

And, I'll still be blogging. While a new, independent home is being built for the Burnettiquette Blog, starting some time this weekend, or Monday, I'll be temporarily posting at Burnettiquette's old home - http://Burnettiquette.blogspot.com.

So head on over there, and as soon as the new blog site is ready, I'll post the new address at http://Burnettiquette.blogspot.com.

Peace and Hair Grease,


PS. In the mean time, you can also follow me on Twitter, @JamesBurnett.


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Well, James I'll leave one last comment here. I'll change my blogroll to point to your new location wherever you roam.

I'd never shop at a mall that I knew had a policy about the baggy pants, but I support the right of setting your own rules on your own property.

James B.

Wavemanns, I appreciate it. Besides, I'd miss your arguments. You keep me on my toes.

Again, I'm temporarily at Burnettiquette.blogspot.com.

Of course, my articles and columns remain here at MiamiHerald.com. But I'll link to them from the blog, anyway.

Elaine Haley

Hi James, It's been a long time and I have not been keeping up with people who are important to me. I have been in the process of writing a book, getting an agent and trying to take this writing thing to the next level. I have moved to a more professional setting and would much appreciate you stopping by when you have a minute. Link is below and it is the best of my two old blogs. I am adding more daily but decided to open it for business.

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