About Burnettiquette

We all know how to act. Be nice & don't do crime, kick puppies, or start forest fires. But those are easy. The tough rules these days seem to be manners and etiquette and fairness governed only by common sense. I didn't invent the good sense standard, but I am laying claim to it. Relax. Unlike Emily Post, I don't care which fork you use. But I will call out boorish behavior and give kudos for civility and the like. So join me as I comment on the news of the day, and life as it constantly reminds us that the truth is stranger than fiction.

About James Burnett

As of summer 2010, James Burnett is a five-year veteran of marriage, and he has the scars to prove it. Kidding. James is originally from Southeast Virginia. He despises rude people, bad drivers, and owners of tiny dogs who let them "go" inside department stores - yes, he saw that happen in Miami. He has a thing for pocket squares and bowties. He hates Neapolitan ice cream, and he and his wife have a Black Lab/Springer Spaniel mix (a Labradinger), a Maine Coon cat, and two giant Koi. James has been a journalist for about 12 years, and has worked in Hampton Roads, Va., London, England, and the Upper Midwest, among other places. He's written about everything from crime and public safety to local governments, to schools, including projects on firefighters' emotional health in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and the state of public schools on the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. But he's had the most fun over the past eight years, as he's transitioned from what news junkies call "hard" news to what James calls squeezeably soft news. Not soft as in flabby or unimportant, but soft as in good feeling, thoughtful, not repetitive, and not often depressing. These days as a news columnist and features writer, James looks for interesting stories in popular culture, politics, crime, race and ethnicity, style, entertainment, technology, relationships, civility, and plain old living. He joined The Miami Herald in Oct. 2005 after a stint at a newspaper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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