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ABC's story about murder in Iraq

In a story scheduled to air this evening on World News with Charles Gibson and  Nightline, ABC will show home video of an attack on a Halliburton truck convoy by Iraqi insurgents that, some witnesses say, was abandoned by its U.S. military escorts. After the troops left, three unarmed Halliburton truck drivers were executed by the insurgents, says a surviving driver interviewed in the report. "They was murdered," says Preston Wheeler of Mena, Ark. "To me, they was murdered." Wheeler, who since has been fired by Halliburton, says the company told him not to talk about the attack and that one of its security guards wanted to delete his video footage of the ambush. "He was afraid it was going to get on the Internet," Wheeler says. Well, what are the chances of that?

Quite aside from the controversial nature of its charges, this report is liable to become the linchpin of a whole new generation of conspiracy theories that cut across all known ideological lines. Not only does it involve Halliburton, which left-wing conspiracy nuts believe rules the world, but the surviving truckdriver comes from Mena, Ark., the little town that was at the center of numerous paranoid right-wing conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary Clinton, drug trafficking, murders and possibly space aliens. Fasten your seatbelts.


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That's harrowing stuff. I'm so relieved to see that he survived.

Is this the same KBR convoy that got the bad maps?

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