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The movieless movie channel

The Reelzchannel, an oddly formulated network for movie fans, launches this evening at 6 p.m. It will go 24/7 with shows about movies, but no actual movies. For instance, there's Dailies, a kind of movie newscast with clips and stories about flicks new to theaters, DVD, pay-per-view or video on demand. The Directors is a behind-the-scenes look at moviemaking through interviews with the guys who actually do it. And Secret’s Out offers Leonard Maltin's picks of interesting but overlooked movies that you can see in theaters, on DVD or even on other television channels. In fact, they'd have to be on other channels because Reelzchannel itself won't screen any films.

The channel will supposedly be available in 28 million homes. That doesn't translate to a heck of a lot of cable systems, but you can find it on DirecTV channel 225 and Dish Network channel 299. Or watch on the web.  And if anybody mentions a screening of Making It, the brilliant 1971 film shot at my high school in New Mexico starring a future genius TV critic -- I'm the guy in the orange shirt in the back of the cafeteria scene, which most critics agreed was the key to the whole picture -- let me know.


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