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Fire Coker? No, just Lamar Thomas

Television sportscasting hit a new all-time low Saturday night when Comcast Sports Southeast analyst Lamar Thomas cheered on  University of Miami  players for brawling on the field, urged them to continue it in the parking lot afterward, and finally said he wanted to run onto the field and throw some punches himself – every word of it on the air.

Thomas’ ranting threats were issued during the third quarter of the Miami-Florida International University game during a helmet-swinging melee between the two teams that eventually resulted in the ejection of 13 players – but not, unfortunately, Thomas. He was doing color as Comcast taped the game for replay on Wednesday at  noon  and 7 p.m. But the Comcast broadcast was available live for subscribers to ESPN’s GamePlan pay-per-view service.

Moments before the brawl broke out, Thomas – a Miami alumnus who made no secret he was rooting for his old team – was lamenting the fact that no punches had been thrown. “If this would have been back in the days [sic], we would have called these guys – ‘Hey, meet us at  Tamiami  Park and let’s get it on without pads,’” he said.

It didn’t take long for Thomas to get his wish. And as the violence erupted on the field, he cheered it on. “That’s what I’m talking about,” he exclaimed. “You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked. You don’t come into the Orange Bowl playing that stuff. You’re across the ocean over there. You’re across the city over there. You can’t come over to our place talking noise like that. You’ll get your butt kicked. I was about to go down the elevator and get into that thing.”

If anything, Thomas seemed disappointed that the referees finally got the game under control. “You know, I say, why don’t they just meet outside in the tunnel after the ball game and get it on some more?” he urged. “You don’t come into the Orange Bowl, baby – we’ve had a down couple of years – but you don’t come in here talking trash. Not in our house…

“You come in here talking smack, it’s time to get it on. We let you play in our stadium – they play well, I gotta give it to FIU, they played well so far – but you cross the line at some point.”

And even when the game started again, Thomas was still at it, complaining that referees threw a flag on a blatantly late hit on the kickoff following the brawl. “You gonna call that?” he exclaimed in disbelief. He ended the night by urging Miami  coach Larry Coker, whose team was leading 35-0 with 40 seconds to go in the game, to run up the score with a field goal to teach FIU a thing or two.

Comcast ought to fire Thomas for being such a blatant homer – the way he cheers for Miami  during games would be embarrassing to any credible sports network, though maybe the key word there is “credible.” But when he starts calling from the press box for players to beat each other up, to fight in the parking lot, and threatens to join in himself, he’s gone beyond mere unprofessionalism into absolute indecency. That may be an unfamiliar concept to Comcast (it is, after all, a cable company) but if Comcast won’t get rid of him, UM President Donna Shalala should demand that he be removed from any further Miami telecasts. If she thinks this kind of gangster talk doesn’t damage the school’s reputation – and her own – she’s seriously mistaken.




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The King

This idiot has been doing this all year. I watch the CSS replays all week and in between the Rap Song for the University of Miami ( ' All about the U ' ) and his constant yapping about ' back in the day ', the guy is a disgrace to announcers and the university alike. The guy that works with him looks at him like his face is melting most times when they show them together. His vocabulary is still stuck ' back in the day ' with references such as ' oh yeah boy ' with extra emphasis on the Y to turn it into three or four E's and the ever popular 1990 In Living Colour comment of ' We Don't Play Dat ' .... I say fire him and let the other guy do it by himself or they could just put a cardboard cutout of Winslow up there with him, with a white bubble taped to his face that sayd ' I'm a f**kin' Soldjah! ' that would be better than LaMarr

Huck Finn

Fire both Coker and Thomas. Thomas for his comments, and Coker for his inability to control his players and lead his team.

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