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Game Show Network Lite?

Thursday was a bad day around NBC. Not only did the network announce plans to get rid of 700 employees, it took a giant leap toward the margins of broadcast television with the revelation that it will no longer run scripted series from 8 to 9 p.m. That means no comedies or dramas, just game shows and reality garbage. Dramas cost about $2.6 million an hour to produce, but a game show like Deal or No Deal comes in at $1.1 million an hour. Fear Factor is probably even cheaper -- you'd be surprised how little sheep rectums cost when you buy them by the boxcar.

Looks to me like NBC will have to shed two or three hours of scripted programming to comply with the new standard, which probably won't become a rigid rule until next season. My suggestion is, don't build your life around Friday Night Lights or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Their life expectancy just took a dip.


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Talk about low-rent. Might as well just rerun old Walker, Texas Ranger and just admit they are competing with TBS and TNT.

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