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"House" 1, baseball 0

This patently offensive thing called baseball, as it's apparently now known around here, took a hard shot to the cup from Fox this week when the network relinquished a significant part of its playoff coverage to TBS beginning next year. TBS will get the National League championship series in 2007 and alternate with Fox for the next seven years. Fox had already kicked half its post-season coverage overboard in an earlier deal. And everybody agrees it's totally a coincidence that ratings are way down for the playoffs this year. Fox has lost a cool $200 million over the six years it's had baseball, essentially blowing Rupert Murdoch's entire martini-olive budget for the period.

By the way, in the unlikely event you're an Atlanta Braves fans -- this blog has software that's supposed to electrocute them if they show up here, but apparently the 8-year-old Honduran sweatshop workers to whom all Herald computer work has been outsourced left some bugs in it, so it doesn't always work -- there's some bad news: TBS is dropping Braves telecasts in 2008 and will start showing a national game of the week on weekends, chosen on the basis of which two teams have the fewest players in jail at the moment.

Oh, and to the oft-asked question when will House be back, the answer is Halloween night. Even before that, you can catch Hugh Laurie hosting Saturday Night Live on Oct. 28. Okay? Any more questions about House and we'll add it to the software.


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