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Just say yes to "Weeds"

When Showtime debuted Weeds, its comedy about a dope-dealing soccer mom, last year, I thought it was amusing but seemed to trying a little too hard for shock value.  "Housewives have been getting stoned and boinked in the suburbs at least since the days of Peyton Place," I wrote. "Weeds may make you chuckle, but it wants you to gasp, and unless your name is June and you call your youngest son Beaver, it's not likely to happen."Marylouisparker

What did happen is that in the second season of Weeds, executive producer, Jenji Kohan quit leaning so much on her concept and concentrated more on stories. (No need to improve the characters -- they were layered and funny from the start, especially Mary-Louise Parker as the novice narcotrafficker Nancy and Elizabeth Perkins as her suburban storm-trooper neighbor Celia.) Nancy accidentally fell into a romance with a DEA agent, even as her business expanded, while Celia's flukey election to mayor as a stamp-out-dope candidate put them on a hopeless collision course. Weeds now vies with Entourage for the title of best comedy on cable.

Elizabethperkins Tonight's season finale (it airs at 10 p.m., with repeats throughout the week) takes things to a new, pardon the expression, high. A dope deal goes wrong. There's fistfights. There's gunplay. There's a junior-high graduation riot. There's an elopement. There's blackmail. Practically everything you want in family entertainment, no? It may seem counterintuitive to say as the last episode of the season airs, but if you haven't been watching Weeds, this is a good time to start.


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