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Katie, Rush and Michael J. Fox

Rush Limbaugh's charge that Michael J. Fox is faking or exaggerating symptoms of Parkinson's Disease in ads he's tape supporting funding of stem-cell research has raised a storm of controversy. Katie Couric interviewed Fox for tonight's CBS Evening News, and he didn't sound too amused. Sample exchange:

Katie02 Couric: “I called Rush Limbaugh and he told me, ‘I believe Democrats have a long history of using victims of various things as political spokespeople because they believe they are untouchable, infallible – they are immune from criticism.’”

Fox:  “Well, first thing, he used the word ‘victim’ and [on] other occasions I heard you use the word ‘pitiable.’  Now understand, no one in this position wants pity.  We don’t want pity.  I could give a damn about Rush Limbaugh’s pity or anyone else’s pity and I am not a victim.”

Update: Here's a link to the video of the entire interview, not just the excerpts used on the CBS Evening News.


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