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Mailbag: Nancy Grace, feminist icon

In a review the other day of the new CBS legal drama Shark, I made a passing comparison between James Woods' character in the show and "the one-woman lynch mob Nancy Grace." That prompted this letter:

Yeah Nancy Grace !!!!!! Go Nancy Grace!!!!!!   She has all you pathetic male losers crying every day about her. . Just can't stand a woman that kicks ass. . Get used to it boys, she's been doing it all her life  and is only getting warmed up. . . Go Nancy Grace.

Linda Mervar

You're right, of course, Linda. I'm just afraid of Nancy Grace because she's such a feminist warrior. I'd guess Gloria Steinem herself called Nancy to congratulate her after that woman committed suicide a couple of weeks ago after being bullied on her show.


Quick question. How did $450.000 of our money  get into the first episode of Dexter?

Michael Weber
Miami Beach, Fl.

Michael is referring to an observation in my review of Dexter, the new Showtime series about a lovable serial killer that was being shot in South Florida until it was driven out by the high cost of hurricane insurance. I called Dexter, among other things, a "statement of profound civic self-loathing" because "$450,000 of our taxes went into the first episode." Michael, the state of Florida has an incentive program that offers hefty subsidies to films and TV shows that shoot here, and the $450,000 was for the pilot episode shot last fall. From this bulletin from Governor Bush's office, it appears that Dexter is getting further subsidies for continuing to shoot some exteriors here, even though principal production has moved to Hollywood.

Money well spent, I say; South Florida hasn't looked so exciting since Al Pacino was greeting tourists with a chainsaw in Scarface. Personally, I was hoping the state would dump a bunch of money on the cable channel Spike to get its new series A.M.P.E.D. -- which centers on a police unit that must "deal with a small but growing percentage of the population that is falling prey to strange genetic mutations, causing them to do destructive things to the city and those around them," according to production notes -- set here. Unfortunately, Minneapolis beat us out.   


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Jamie Abell

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Patricia Winchild

Anybody who suggests this has no clue what a feminist is...and to suggest that someone as good a person as Gloria STeinham would call and congratulate Grace about anything, is absurd.
Check out Feminist.org and see whether you believe this b.s. about Grace being a feminist...

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