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Screens: TV the week of Oct. 29

The House Next Door (9 p.m. Monday, Lifetime) -- Based on a novel by Anne Rivers Siddons
that creeped Stephen King out, this stars Lara Flynn Boyle (The Practice) and Colin  Ferguson (Eureka) as a couple living next door to a house that isn't haunted so much as just plain evil. Starting, from the look of it, with the mortgage.

Is It Real?: Jack The Ripper (8 p.m. Monday, National Geographic Channel) -- Just in time for Halloween, Nat Geo interviews cops, forensic psychologists and the peculiar historical detectives who call themselves "ripperologists'' in an attempt to pin down the identity of the most notorious serial killer of all time.

The Naked Archaeologist (9 p.m. Monday, History International Channel) -- No, it's not another Lara Croft movie. Simcha Jacobovici, the archaeologist who made Exodus Decoded, now has a regular series that examines archaeological evidence for stories from the Bible. The first episode contends that the Philistines get a bad rap. I can only guess what the episode coming in a couple of weeks, Jezebel: Bible Bad Girl, will have to say.

Halloween marathon (Tuesday, AMC) -- If you're not sick of AMC's MonsterFest yet, surely  being force-fed 24 hours of the movie Halloween and all its sequels, prequels and ripoffquels will do the trick. It gets underway at 5:45 a.m. Tuesday with the 2002 "making of'' documentary Backstory: Halloween and ends with 2002's Halloween: Resurrection, which airs at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday for any viewers not yet institutionalized.

The OC (9 p.m. Thursday, Fox) -- Seth, Summer and Ryan -- but not Marissa, who in the season finale last spring learned that the wages of whining are death -- are finally back as The OC's fourth season kicks off. What's up: Grief-stricken Ryan has become a drunken bar-brawler, lonely Seth has reverted to a hopeless comic-book nerd, and off at college, Summer has become a fledgling eco-terrorist under the influence of a sinister lefty activist known as Che (Chris Pratt of Everwood). Otherwise, everything's cool.


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