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Boomers, TV and Excedrin Headache No. 127

An interesting new study sponsored by TV Land could really shake up television if anyone is paying attention. Right now the sole mission in life for TV networks is to attract viewers aged 18 to 49. That's the demographic that advertisers want to reach, and anybody else simply doesn't count -- literally. CBS actually canceled a successful series, JAG, a couple of years ago because the average age of its viewers was too high. The advertisers believe that anybody past the age of 50 is unwilling to change brands or sample new products and has written them off. The TV Land study argues forcefully that Baby Boomers, whose behavior has always defied expectations, are in fact a great target audience for marketers. If advertisers can be convinced, the networks will follow, and the tyrannical grip of demographics over programming will be smashed.

Okay, after briefly lapsing into gravitas, we return to our regularly scheduled frivolity. The TV Land pollsters also asked Baby Boomers about their all-time favorite shows. For men: MASH, Star Trek The Andy Griffith Show, and a tie between Seinfeld and 24. For those bloodthirsty women: CSI, MASH, Law & Order and a tie between I Love Lucy and ER.

When it came to favorite commercials, both men and women picked the Wendy's "where's the beef?' ads and the Budweiser frogs. Exedrin Am I the only one who misses all those Excedrin headache ads from the early 1960s? Those sinister diagrams of A and B tablets going into what looked a robot stomach while hammers pounded anvils in the background. Or, even better, that pre-psychotic PMS woman screaming, "Please, Mother, I'd rather do it MYSELF"? Man, we had headaches in those days. We had to walk two hours through 10-foot snowdrifts to have our headaches. Just thinking about them makes me want to chew a fistful of Excedrin and listen to some Ricky Nelson records.


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Chuck Nyren

Yup. A bunch of us have been saying this for years.

Marlene Salaun

My mother concetta Bleakley di some excedrin commercials in the 1960s, It was out of New York. Does anyone know where I can view the footage if it still exists? Please E-mail @ RomanceDesigner@msn.com

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