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It's official: Larry King does not read this blog

In a titanic encounter between two of the great television intellects of our time, Larry King confessed to Roseanne Barr that he's never used the Internet. Never. Ever. "I've never done it," he told Barr on his show Wednesday, interrupting her in the middle of her insightful discourse on how George W. Bush is about to declare war in China. "There's 80 billion things on it," he explained.

"You would love it," assured Barr. King looked skeptical. "What do you do, punch little buttons and things?" he inquired suspiciously. "You just click on this thing," Barr replied, but conceded: "The thing is, you got to be able to read." That pretty much ended the discussion.


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The idea of a major news or current events figure relying solely on newspapers or TV for information and opinion is, simply, shocking.

Now loan me $50!

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