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Screens: TV the week of Nov. 26

Ving_rhames_reduced American Gangster (10 p.m. Tuesday, BET) -- I'm not sure this is what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton mean when they call for greater diversity in television programming. American Gangster, a new documentary series hosted by Ving Rhames, chronicles the rise and fall of the country's most notorious black criminals. First episode: Stanley (Tookie) Williams, who founded the Crips street gang and eventually died by lethal injection in San Quentin.

10 Items Or Less (11 p.m. Monday, TBS) -- This promises to be the funniest sitcom set in a grocery store since The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis. OK, OK, the only one since Dobie Gillis. John Lehr (Memron) returns to the bleak, evil little Ohio town where he was a high-school nerd to run a family grocery that's competing with a supermarket managed by Jennifer Elise Cox (Lovespring International), his old prom-queen nemesis. The action is fierce, especially on double-coupon days.

My Boys (10 p.m. Tuesday, TBS) -- Jordana Spiro (Must Love Dogs) is a tomboy sportswritress who can't get a boyfriend. Eventually she gives up in frustration and moves to Ohio to open a supermarket. Nah, that would be silly -- almost as silly as imagining that a blond hottie like Spiro can't get a boyfriend.

Big Day (9 p.m. Tuesday, ABC) -- This entire 22-episode sitcom takes place on the disastrous wedding day of Alice (Marla Sokoloff, The Practice) and Danny (Josh Cooke, Four Kings). As comedy, ehhh; as incisive argument against heterosexual marriage, brilliant.


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