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'Tis the season to be in egregiously bad taste

PirateFirst the O.J. interview, now this: CBS is working on a reality show in which 16 contestants sail the high seas as pirates. Rape! Murder! Pillage! Wooden legs! The winner gets a million bucks and, presumably, the ears of all his victims. Producer Mark Burnett, the same guy who does Survivor, expects to start shooting Pirates in March.

What makes this a Thanksgiving Day item is that you get a chance to participate. Anybody who's 21 and has a U.S. passport can apply at www.cbs.com. And even if you aren't chosen, there's always a chance you can still be on the show, being raped or disemboweled by someone who was. Anyway, there are other reality shows to apply for: Serial Killer, Chainsaw Massacre, Schoolhouse Arsonist and Suicide Bomber. Okay, technically none of those have been announced yet. But now that reality TV is crossing the line from bad taste to out and out criminality, how much longer can it possibly be?


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