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That was the year that was

Those nice folks at TiVo have compiled a list of what Americans think were the 10 most memorable moments on television in 2006. No Jacksonian nipples, but it's pretty interesting:

1. Katie Couric says goodbye on The Today Show. Oddly, nobody seems to think anything she's done on the CBS Evening News is memorable.

2. Mel Gibson says he's a mean drunk, but not an anti-Semite, during an ABC interview with Diane Sawyer.

3. Oprah  consigns lying author James Frey to the ninth circle of Hell.

4. Sara and Grissom hook up on CSI. 

5. Faith Hill nearly blows beets when Carrie Underwood beats her at the CMA awards.

6. Kirstie Alley's bikini reveal on Oprah.

7. The Will & Grace series finale, in which their kids begin dating.

8. Kate and Sawyer hook up on Lost. You TV viewers sure like to watch people hook up.

9. Rosie O'Donnell's debut on The View. Don't get your fingers too close to the screen; she might be hungry.

10. Connie Chung's bizarre farewell serenade to her husband Maury Povich on the final episode of her MSNBC show.


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