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ABC's negative numerology

ABC all but officially canceled its serial dramas The Nine and Six Degrees today. Speaking at the critics' press tour, ABC programming boss Stephen McPherson said the two shows, both on hiatus since mid-fall, "have a shot" at getting back on the air this spring to finish their unaired episodes. That's a considerable downgrade from ABC's previous statement, that the shows would be back, period. And when all you've got is "a shot" at finishing your season, it means you've got no shot at all at returning for a second.

Diggs Even so, that's better than the chances for ABC's Groundhog-Day-with-guns serial, Day Break. The unaired episodes of that one will never see the light of televised day. McPherson said they'll be shown on the Internet, but conceded that ABC has been promising that for a month and so far hasn't done it. There are problems with securing the Internet rights to some of the music in the show, he said. My guess: ABC isn't going to spend another nickel on a show that will never air. If you were a Day Break fan (as I certainly was), finding out what happened will probably have to wait for the DVD set.


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