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Are you glad to see me, or is that just a stolen classified document in your pants?

Stephen McPherson, the ABC programming chief, doesn't take any fecal material. Asked during his appearance on the TV critics' tour if he was embarrassed that the network had to "backpedal" on its Clinton-unfriendly movie The Path To 9/11, McPherson took no prisoners -- particularly when it came to Clinton's national security adviser Sandy Berger, one of the film's chief critics. "We didn't backpedal," McPherson said. "We aired the movie. We didn't change anything for those guys. We aired it as planned on the dates that were planned. I mean, it's a little odd to have Sandy Berger telling you about what's truthful or not when he was indicted for stuffing documents into his pants on this very subject."


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Does an ad hominem attack on a critic excuse a network exec from questions regarding the accuracy of a factual retelling of one of the seminal events in American history?

I guess it does.

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