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It beats Social Security

I've heard some unusual pleas for new TV shows, but none that quite matches what comedian Lenny Clarke said on behalf of The Winner, a sitcom about a late-blooming nerd (named Glen, incidentally, and please note that the spelling is different, so you can hold the wisecracks) that debuts this spring on Fox. "I hope you like the show," he said during a panel on the critics' press tour, "because I'm the oldest one up here, and after this it's elderly porn for me."

Dunaway Even more singular, perhaps, was the explanation of the show's creator Ricky Blitt of the real motivation for the show. He said the secret is revealed in an otherwise inexplicable line of dialogue in an early episode. "I had one line in one episode where Glen is wondering whether he's going to have an adulterous affair with the first woman he's been with and says, 'Who am I kidding? I'm going to hell like Hitler and Faye Dunaway'...I've never learned how to drive a car, so I use a driver to drive me around, and every driver that I've ever used, I say, 'Who is the worst person you've ever met?' and it's always Faye Dunaway. And also, by the way, not a good lay...If I can one thing as a writer and a creator, it's bring down that old bitch."


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