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New pilots and old grievances

More news on the pilot front: NBC wants a pilot of The Mastersons of Manhattan, a comic soap opera about two sisters from a New York social-register family. And ABC has ordered a pilot for Sam I Am, a sitcom about a woman who wakes up from a coma with amnesia and has to figure out who she is. Which reminds me (heh, heh) of an old Western that was waaay ahead of its time in jerking its viewers around.

A Man Called Shenandoah starred Robert Horton as a cowboy left for dead after a gunfight. When he wakes up, he's forgotten his name, his face, everything but a single word: Shenandoah. Horton spent the whole 1965-66 season riding from one frontier town to another, picking up tantalizing clues to his own identity. But when ABC canceled the show without warning at the end of the season, the viewers were left hanging -- and, as you can see, I'm still brooding about it four decades later. Once we get that lost American Dreams series finale on the air, I'm going after ABC on a finale for A Man Called Shenandoah.


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Interesting -- like an earlier, Western version of The Prisoner.

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