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Screens: TV the week of Jan. 21

Explorer: Iraq's Guns for Hire (9 p.m. Sunday, National Geographic Channel) -- This sobering Screens21_iraqgunsforhire documentary takes a look at a little-understood facet of the war in Iraq: its private side. By some counts there are 25,000 private security contractors, protecting supply convoys and VIPs as they stream across the country. Says one: "The moment we leave this gate, we expect to get hit." And, mostly, they are; more than 100 have been killed.

The George Lopez Show (8 p.m. Wednesday, ABC) -- A lot of people didn't expect this show to last six episodes, but broadcast television's only Latino-themed series is back for a sixth season. Starting out as a mild-mannered comedy that kept both its joke and its ethnicity buttoned down, The George Lopez Show over the years has tackled everything from teen promiscuity to adult illiteracy, always with a wolfish cackle. In this season premiere, there's a hint that a whole new set of issues is on the horizon: Looks like George's 40ish wife Angie may have a pancito in the oven.


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