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Second prize is TWO trips

Hey, kids! This is your chance to win a trip to a crummy Kansas prairie town left in ruins by a nuclear blast! CBS is promoting its post-apocalyptic drama Jericho with a contest to complete a Morse-code encrypted sentence that figured in November episodes of the show.

The first part of the message -- all that was shown on the show -- is: "It begins with 6 and ends with..." Offer your best guess about the rest of the message by visiting the Jericho website and filling out an on-line form. The winner will be chosen at random -- obviously CBS doesn't believe any of us couch-potato trash could possibly anticipate the thoughts of its brilliant producers -- on Feb. 21, a week after Jericho returns from its mid-season break. The prize: a trip to the Jericho set.

Ashleyscott By the way, Jericho star Ashley Scott says she likes to read blogs about "my humongous boobs." Ordinarily I'd say a prurient subject like that was beneath the lofty standards of this blog, but anything to pick up another reader. Consider them mentioned, Ashley. And if we get any comments from DoubleDJerichogurl, we'll know who's posting.


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