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The High Priestess of TiVo

If you're one of those people who at 9 p.m. on Mondays tunes in to Fox's 24 while watching NBC's Heroes in the picture-in-picture box of your digital TV -- Ha! Didn't think I knew about that, did you? Renasofer Let me tell you, the Patriot Act has many uses -- you've probably wondered if the characters from one show are bleeding in to the other. Nah, it's just that the marvelously perverse Television Gods are forcing Rena Sofer to compete against herself. She plays Marilyn -- that trashy sister in law who Jack had an affair with way back when -- in 24. And she's also Heidi, the wheelchair-bound housewife on Heroes. You know it's just a matter of time until she turns up over on CBS in the same time slot as one of Charlie's boinkees on Two And A Half Men.


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It took me a few seconds to understand why the Patriot Act was cited there. Funny really.
I totally disagree with it, but this administration have an evil marketing genious. Baptising something patriotic and then you put in it whatever you want. Incredible.
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