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The L world

For a program with no more than a couple hundred thousand viewers, Showtime's lesbian drama The L Word sometimes seems about to take over the world. Latest move: an invasion of Second Life, the insanely popular online game in which you create an avatar -- that is, a little virtual you -- to run around and screw up its virtual life even worse than you've screwed up your real one. In The L Word section of Second Life, your avatar can go to dance clubs, hang out at a virtual version of The Lword3_laurel_holloman Planet, and presumably even cheat on that poor (but let's face it, boring) Tina, just like they do in the show. Here's a site where you can download everything you need to get started except maybe Shane's haircut.


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i like the tv series its open eyes in our society hope its last.. i want the story of jenny, what will happend her and nikki.. im excited for the season six...then season 7 and so on...

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