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The thoughts of Chairman Donald

Donald Trump, plugging the latest edition of his hardball business show The Apprentice, appeared on People_trump_cadd101 the press tour Wednesday. A true Renaissance man, he shared his thoughts on an incredible and diverse array of subjects:

Rosie O'Donnell: "She's terrible. She's just a terrible human being...She's a terrible, disgusting human being. Not very smart and she's got a lot of problems, to put it mildly."

ABC's The View: "I believe you'll see that whole thing blow up and please give me a little bit of the credit when it does. I would really be honored."

Barbara Walters: "I was disappointed in Barbara because Barbara called me from Europe on her vacation and she made certain statements, which she knows she made, and she never refuted those statements...She read a little line that Rose gave her that was sort of sad the way she read it...She read that line, but she never refuted the things she said."

Right and wrong, nature of: "[Rosie] attacked me and she was wrong and she probably knew she was wrong and I'm pretty sure she knew she was wrong, but she attacked various elements of me. She was wrong in all cases."

The moral imperative of self-defense: "I thought somebody should fight back [against Rosie]. I have watched her attack people over the years and I watch where they don't fight back. The one thing I have learned, I learned it in high school. I learned it before high school. When you're attacked by a bully, you hit the bully hard right between the eyes. Hard and fast. And that's what I did."

Danny DeVito: "I watched him get decimated by his recent problem on [The View].

Kelly Ripa: "It was disgusting the way she was treated by Rosie O'Donnell."

Tom Selleck: "He walks in [to Rose O'Donnell's talk show] for a movie, and he ends up like, 'What happened?'"

Opinion polls: "Fox recently did a poll where I had 91 percent of the vote, 91 percent. So not everybody is going to agree, and some people thought I was very harsh. But Rose is a slob, and I let people know it."

Nielsen ratings: "The ratings of The View went up because of me...Let me tell you what's going to happen. In two weeks, you people won't be asking me this question any more, and and the ratings on The View will tank. Barbara Walters hates Rosie O'Donnell. The ratings on The View will tank. There will be turmoil."


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