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There she goes...

Even all that pre-pageant depravity about drunkenness and nekkid pictures couldn't pull Miss America off her catwalk to oblivion. Country-music cable channel CMT's telecast of the pageant Miss_america_pageant_nvib11 finals Monday pulled in just 2.39 million viewers. That's a drop of nearly 25 percent from the audience last year, CMT's first Miss America, and a hideous 85 percent from ABC's last pageant broadcast in 2005. This really may be the death knell for American beauty pageants, the driveby victims of reality television: Why should Americans tune in to watch pretty girls in skimpy clothing, when they can watch pretty girls in skimpy clothing sing on American Idol, dance on Dancing With The Stars, or eating the reproductive organs of goats on Fear Factor?

Important note for Rosie O'Donnell, who -- in dissing Miss America a few weeks back as part of her feud with Donald Trump -- insisted it was all a plot by "white men": Nielsen says that in the key demographic bracket, viewers aged 18 to 49, about 75 percent were female. If Miss America is the product of a sinister gender conspiracy, the culprits are more like to look like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton than Trump.


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C'mon, she was talking about the people who own and run it.

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