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Armageddon averted, darn it

Well, Echostar CEO Charlie Ergen turns out to one more whimpering corporate eunuch rather than the raving, megalomanic, scorched-earth nutjob we were all hoping for. You may recall that Ergen, warned that if Turner Broadcasting didn't agree to a deal by Feb. 1, he'd ban Turner's Court TV channel from his Dish Network satellites for all time, thus pulling down the cornerstone of Western civilization and throwing the entire known universe into irreversible entropic chaos. Well, Feb. 1 came and went weeks ago, like even before the death of Anna Nicole Smith if you can remember those days, and Ergen didn't push the red button after all. A deal with Turner was struck over the weekend, Dish Network subscribers can see Court TV again, and all the corporate death-ray-guns are back in their holsters. Sigh.


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