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Double standards at CNN

The staff at CNN Headline News evidently got a good chuckle of Tuesday's story about space-shuttle crew member Lisa Nowack, arrested in Orlando after she attacked a romantic rival. Nowack was charged attempted murder and attempted kidnapping. The Headline News tagline for the story: "Astro-naughty." Think CNN would have slapped a cute headline on the story if a man was charged with the same crimes? Nah, homicidal male sociopaths are criminals and gender-oppressors, but a murderous chick, that's winsome and feisty.


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Not bad, but there are better examples.

Over at Fox, Greta Van Susteren somberly declared that "police think it's a love affair that rocketed out of control" while meanwhile the chyron read "LUST IN SPACE."

Top that, CNN!

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