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Breaking news: The CW still exists

Though, God knows, there's not much reason to care. Pro wrestling, Pussycat Dolls tryouts, and models dressed like corpses on American's Next Top Model -- it's amazing, but The CW has somehow managed Vernoicamarsjpg to be worse than either of the halfwit networks (UPN and The WB) that merged to give it life, the word "life" being used quite loosely here. Anyway, in a reminder that the CW still has some scripted program -- at least for the time being -- the network is bringing back Veronica Mars on May 1 and One Tree Hill on May 2. It's hard to figure out The CW's programming strategy, if it even has one, but neither of these dramas has done well in the ratings this season, and this could be the last hurrah for both.


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