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And the conspiracy nuts of the world wept

Rosieglaad_awards ABC and Rosie O'Donnell have jointly confirmed the gossip: She's leaving The View in mid-June. Both sides were appropriately weepy and praised each other as the saviors of modern civilization. And, ABC added, Donald Trump will be taking over O'Donnell's co-host chair. Ha ha, just kidding. Actually, ABC said there are "no current plans" to replace O'Donnell, whatever that means -- perhaps only that, even in Hollywood, it's not easy to find somebody else who thinks the Sept. 11 attacks were staged by Enron.

UPDATE: Donald Trump, interviewed via phone on Fox News' America's Newsroom show shortly after the announcement of O'Donnell's departure, was clearly heartbroken. That is, clearly heartbroken that she's still alive. "Rosie’s a very self-destructive person, she’s a loser by any standard, I mean she’s got nothing going for her," Trump said, adding that she's "a slob" and...oh, you know all the rest. He also scoffed at Barbara Walters' claim that she's sorry O'Donnell's leaving.

“Rosie made Barbara look like a fool; she made her look like her lapdog," Trump said. "Barbara’s the happiest person in the world that Rosie’s been fired.  Barbara can say what she wants and of course she’s trying to put the most positive spin on it, but it’s nothing short of getting fired." Trump refrained from accusing O'Donnell of killing off the dinosaurs, sinking the Titanic and kidnapping the Lindbergh baby, but the day's still young.


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