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And you thought the Rutgers basketball team was the victim


Bernard McGuirk, Don Imus' producer and the guy who really touched off the conflagration over the Rutgers women's basketball team -- he referred them as "hard-core hos," after which Imus infamously chimed in -- made his first public appearance since the controversy Thursday night on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes show. And he certainly cleared up some grievous misconceptions about who was wronged. The injured parties were not the Rutgers players, but Imus and McGuirk, who were ambushed by "terrorists" like Al Sharpton and "free-speech surrender monkeys" like their CBS bosses.

In fact, McGuirk still can't figure out why that word "ho" bothered anybody -- "It's just a pejorative, slang term for a woman.  Unfortunately, and, you know, I didn't get the memo that it was elevated to the status or lowered to the status of the n-word." Though I'd have to McGuirk undercut his argument ever so slightly when he added that if anybody called his daughter a ho, "I'd kick their teeth in."

You think all that took chutzpah, listen to this: McGuirk not only predicted that his and Imus' dismissal from CBS signals the end of free speech in America, he compared himself to Holocaust victims. "It's like the off-quoted anti-Nazi German pastor who said, you know, first, they came for the Communists, but I wasn't a Communist, so I didn't say anything.  Then they came for the Jews, but I'm not a Jew, I didn't say anything.  Then they came for the Catholics, but I'm a Protestant.  Then when they came from me, there was nobody to speak," McGuirk said, loudly, to drown out the sound of the German Lutheran minister Martin Niemoller spinning in his grave.


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