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Giving a forum to a murderous madman

The Associated Press reports that there's a mounting "backlash" against television for using the recordings and photos sent to NBC by Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech mass murdered, with viewers Cho complaining and relatives of the victims refusing to appear on NBC because of its use of the video. I disagree with the story, sort of: The backlash is against all news media, not just television, and you can't really call it a backlash because journalists themselves are arguing fiercely about how the story has been handled.

Here in the Miami Herald newsroom, one editor posted a complaint on our internal bulletin board that our headline on Thursday's story -- Shooter: ‘I die like Christ'  -- was "objectionable...disrespectful to the victims" and "a victory' for the killer. Meanwhile, Fox News has said it won't use footage from Cho's self-made video any longer, and even NBC -- to whom he mailed it in between rounds of shooting -- has said it will cut back.

Use of the video and other material from Cho -- which included a long manifesto and several dozen photos -- will naturally decline now that people have seen it. Nothing wrong with that. But I don't think NBC or anyone else in the news media need apologize for its use. Not that I don't understand the objections: Listening to Cho's ranting accusations on TV this morning that he was the victim, and the people he murdered had "blood on their hands'' infuriated me. It did seem, in some sense, that we were handing him a victory.

That said, what else could we possibly have done? Using anything at all from the materials he sent to NBC was disrespectful to the victims. But how could we possibly not report it? The very first thing you learn in your very first journalism class is that the lead paragraph of a news story should include "the five Ws" -- who, what, where, when and why. It's impossible to cover that last one without resort to Cho's video, no matter how loathsome it is. There is no way to convey his arrogance, self-absorption and delusion without quoting from it. Journalism is not always fun. This week the news media had to cover a hideously ugly story, and it would have been both futile and dishonest to try to pretty it up.


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Michelle from Madison

Nancy Grace was proven wrong again on all of her assertions on the Winkler case on Thursday April 19th. Doesn’t CNN management ever watch Nancy’s shows anymore?

Nancy Grace has documented herself to be incorrect, in some fashion, on just about every single case Nancy has attempted to cover over the recent months. While Nancy continues to rack up more potential lawsuit cases against herself and CNN for her continued defamation, slander, libel, and even the wrongful death Nancy is currently linked to by Nancy’s own possible illegal actions, it is well documented that Nancy Grace is not un-willing to commit even more such crimes against even more and more victims.

Some Courts have already reprimanded Nancy Grace for some of her documented misconduct. But, Nancy continues to rack up more and more violations of Civil Law, and possibly even Criminal Law too, and it is hard to keep up with the continued violations-count, and her seemingly constant violations Nancy has been committing against victim after victim after victim.

The Lawsuits that are soon to be coming from VanderSloot, Howard Stern of the Anna Nichol Smith case, and others against Nancy infractions (according to the attorneys) and the upcoming Lawsuits from all the Duke defendants, as well as possibly from Winkler herself according to her attorney Ferese, Nancy’s continued law violations appear to be occurring on nearly every single day Nancy is on television.

My goodness, Don Imus just lost his job for stating something that could, in-fact, may have been a factual and accurate statement by his derogatory statements towards the women’s basketball team. How CNN can allow Nancy to document even more violations against even more and more victims is just senseless and a total shame for CNN to just stand by and allow this irreprehensible behavior to continue against more and more victims from Nancy Grace. It is truly just ridiculous. Perhaps it is time to change from CNN to broadcasting Nancy Grace on something like comedy central where her conduct more appropriates is representative.

Has CNN already forgotten that Nancy Grace has current lawsuits filed against her for Nancy’s role in the death of a non-convicted victim who Nancy Grace had called on the telephone? Wake up CNN, Imus had to apparently be removed from the airways, and he wasn’t even directly involved in connection of someone’s death. Nor was Imus continuing to victimize more victims as Nancy has documented that she is continuing.

Maybe you, CNN, can provide the public with the “magic number” CNN feels is the appropriate-limit that Nancy has to achieve with her slanderous, libelous, her connections to a possible wrongful death actions Nancy has documented against another victim(s), and her defamational statements against victims before CNN will take similar actions as MSNBC had to do towards Don Imus.

Everyone will be anxious to hear what the “magic number” CNN will tolerate as the group of victims of Nancy Grace grows and grows from her illegal, immoral, and illicit conduct towards so many victims.

And, how can CNN allow a person like Nancy Grace to be around any true victim at Virginia Tech while Nancy has current lawsuits filed against her for Nancy’s alleged involvement in an early death of a emotionally distraught young mother. The management of CNN needs some serious investigation-measures to be implemented immediately, for the safety of current and potential future victims of the unprofessional conduct of Nancy Grace.

How CNN can allow Nancy Grace to have any access to victims at Virginia Tech is a matter that should, perhaps, be investigated by the authorities and by attorneys for the potential victims of her unprofessional conduct. There is a reason Nancy Grace has lawsuits pending against her, with more lawsuits expected in the near future. For CNN to allow Nancy Grace to have contact with any victim is a crime in and of itself, and needs further consideration by the authorities and by attorneys for the victims sake and safety. Allowing Nancy Grace to have access to any victim is like placing a Predator
near a schoolyard while the trial is ongoing for the alleged Predator. It should just not happen.



I am very uncomfortable with the media acting as a "filter" and refusing to disclose pertinent information on dubious grounds of taste, discretion, or notions of sensitivity.

That said, is it possible to criticize the way in which the information was contextualized? In other words, could NBC have less breathlessly and repeatedly played the clips, while still playing them and making them available, say over the net, for those who want more? I think NBC (particularly MSNBC) went a little overboard, as would any of the networks had this sicko mailed this material to them instead.

Michelle from Madison


4/24/2007 12:58 AM

Michelle from Madison

Nancy Grace was proven wrong again on Monday April 23rd from all of Nancy’s assertions that KENNETH GLENN HINSON was guilty of crimes including kidnappings, sex crimes, and assault with intent to kill two teen girls in an underground bunker located in Darlington, South Carolina last year. Remember Nancy’s unfounded rants?

After Nancy Grace pummeled, ridiculed, slandered, and defamed Hinson on multiple shows aired by Nancy Grace/CNN, the court jurors acquitted Hinson today of above charges that Nancy Grace implied repeatedly Hinson was guilty of. Hinson was facing the possibility of a life sentence without parole, and Nancy had conveyed her apparent desire that a death sentence against Hinson may be more appropriate for Hinson.

But, sorry Nancy Grace, one has to found guilty of those crimes before those measures can indeed be taken. Nancy, is wrong again. It appears that the only crime and miscarriage of justice committed in this matter was the coverage of the case by Nancy Grace. It is suspected that Nancy Grace will need more direct-counseling, more “damage-control measures”, and possible more medications for the stresses Nancy is experiencing being proven wrong over and over and nearly every single day Nancy Grace broadcasts a show through CNN.

Get your checkbook ready Nancy, you are certainly going to be writing some big checks soon to help cover some of these upcoming lawsuits against you. Hinson’s defense attorney, Rick Hoefer, will likely soon sue Nancy Grace and CNN of even more civil crimes that Nancy Grace has documented against herself.

The upcoming lawsuits against Nancy Grace, alleging Nancy committing crimes against a suicide victim and estate, against all the Duke Lacrosse defendants, and against victims like Joran VanderSloot of the Natalee Holloway case are just a few upcoming lawsuits that will be filed soon against Nancy Grace and CNN according to many defense attorneys and blogs.

It is clear that CNN Management does not even bother to watch any of Nancy’s shows. If they did, they would never allow Nancy Grace to ever be around any victim of any crime. Nor would they allow her to commit more crimes against more victims as Nancy continues to document against herself. How CNN can allow this unprofessional misconduct by Nancy Grace to continue to occur is beyond all sensible and rational reasoning. To make some money-profits over the best interests of victims is not a choice most well-educated and caring people would choose


Never to nancy, I say NEVER. nevar shall I believe what she says, never never never.

“We shall fight her on the beaches, we shall fight her on the landing grounds, we shall fight her in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight her in the hills. We shall never surrender to Nancy Grace.” FIRE HER !!!!!!!!!!

Michelle from Madison

Late on Saturday night, December 8th, a Fox show named “The Soup” had a segment where they really bashed Nancy for just being Nancy. The worst jab was when the news broadcaster laughed at Nancy for “naturally getting pregnant at age 60.” In all due respect to that show, Nancy is way too old to have kids at this late-stage in her life. Those kids will still be in high-school when Nancy is at the age-of-retirement. That, alone, is child-abuse in and of itself. What a stupid reason for Nancy to have kids just to get a tax-credit. Plus, her name is not legally Nancy Grace anyways. That must be her planned-defense in some of her upcoming lawsuits against her for her for crimes including the documented unprofessional and illegal conduct against a mother of a missing young child. Nancy must plan to say on the stand “You can’t sue me, I am not Nancy Grace, I got married and changed my name. You have the wrong person here.”

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